PANORAMA 40cm x 80cm $350
PANORAMA 60cm x 120cm $495
PANORAMA 40cm x 120cm $450
SQUARE 60cm x 60cm $350
SQUARE 80cm x 80cm $495
STANDARD 60cm x 40cm $250
STANDARD 60cm x 90cm $395
STANDARD 120cm x 80cm $650
STANDARD 150cm x 100cm $850
Upload your image for entry to our Gallery Exhibition. The image file size is unlimited however, we require your image to be .jpg or .JPEG. All images are printed and hung at the sizes submitted. eg. 60cm x 40 cm or 150cm x 100 cm etc. (please ensure your images are always sized correctly) All images are printed on high polish acrylic glass and hung in the gallery for the exhibition/competitions. Submit as many images as you like, utilising our large range of sizes and orientations. Prices start at $250 per entry

Print Guidelines and File Preparation